How do I receive my items?

For the majority of orders we send the items through the in-game mailbox. For large orders either in value or number of items we may ask you to join our server where we will trade them to you. We may also ask you to join our server if your mailbox is off or there are many users with the same or similar Roblox names.


How long will my order take?

We are based in the United Kingdom and are online from 9am to 9pm GMT 7 days a week. During these hours most orders are completed in under an hour. As with life sometimes people need to eat or run errands so on occasion it may take a little longer. 99% of orders are completed in under 24 hours and those which are not its usually down to incorrect usernames or people not joining our server


Is this a Scam?

No, We generate far more revenue by actually giving people the items they buy. If we were scamming people there would be so many negative reviews and chargebacks we would be out of business


Will I get banned?

Again the answer is No. We have served nearly 30,000 individual users completing over 100,000 orders and distributing over 250,000 items. No one has ever been banned


Why is there a delivery charge?

All orders over £5 we offer free delivery. We sell many items for under £1 however we have transaction fee’s which would cost more than this so would lose money should someone buy just 1 item. By charging £2 for small orders, we are able to keep prices down.


Why do you need my address?

We do not need your address. Your bank needs your address as part of CVC verification. If you don’t enter your address your card will likely decline.


Do you accept “insert random payment method”?

We only accept payment through PayPal or Credit Card. They both offer good buyer and seller protection. In very rare cases we will accept LTC crypto currency but you will need to email us 1st to set it up. Under no circumstances will we accept anything like gift card’s or cashapp and we would highly recommend you do not buy from anyone who does.


Can you make bundles or get rare items?

Yes, we can put together custom made bundles. There are far too many pets and variations to list, stock and sell. This may include anything from rainbow Titanic’s, shiny pets or large quantities of an item. Email us at [email protected] and we can arrange custom bundles